About Me

Hi y’all! My name is Danica, and I’m a home cook living in good ol’ Philladelphia. My passion for cooking began sometime in high school, and I cooked a ton while in college for roommates and friends. Back then, I was taking lots of pictures of my meals on my beloved Blackberry (RIP, but looking back, those photos looked like I used a potato as a camera).

After graduating college and entering the “real world”, the time I had to cook drastically dwindled. I was too busy trying to navigate working and having a social life during my young adulthood that cooking fell by the wayside! Fortunately for my cooking escapades, COVID-19 hit and I no longer had to commute to work. I had way more time in the kitchen (and being at home in general), so I started cooking elaborate recipes again and taking pictures. I started a new Instagram page @missing.no.meals to share all of my greatest hits (and more fun along the way!)